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Equity Research

Credit Suisse’s Equity Research team provides in-depth reporting on over 3,000 companies globally, offering both breadth and depth of stock coverage.  In addition to stock recommendations, our analysts offer thematic research, proprietary data points and insights into industry trends, food chain analyses, global views, and unique valuation perspectives.

Our highly ranked Equity Research strategists give clients unique views on market trends, sector weightings and regional preferences as well as customized quantitative, accounting and tax perspectives.


RAVE is Credit Suisse’s research database. It is a single point of access to our global analysts’ forecasts, enabling clients to derive more value from our research than ever before.


HOLT's flexible platform provides an objective view of over 20,000 companies worldwide. Our rigorous methodology examines accounting information, converts it to cash and then values that cash, allowing you to survey the entire corporate capital structure and identify key drivers of value that others miss. 

Access to Credit Suisse PLUS

Credit Suisse PLUS is the web application for Credit Suisse's clients, providing easy access to research on individual companies, sectors, equity strategy and quantitative analysis.  PLUS allows our clients to set up personalized notifications that will alert them to new research publications. Clients can select from a diverse set of criteria to set notifications or search the contents on the site, including by analyst, industry, country, individual, company, periodical and/or language.

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