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Our Street-leading macro research teams offer high-level insights and thematic trends across world markets as well as timely commentary about political events in an ever-changing world.  The macro team is made up of our Economics, Strategy, Technical Analysis, Demographics, Accounting & Tax, Index & Alpha Strategies and Quantitative Research teams.

  • Valuable Global Commentary. Credit Suisse offers high-impact macro research, delivering timely market commentary in response to global events and trends.
  • Analytics and Deep Industry Relationships. Our macro analysts are recognized for their detailed and thoughtful analysis of economic indicators, the accuracy of their forecasts, as well as their insights into the implications of government policies.
  • Unique Macro Offering. Our Demographics, Technical Analysis, and Accounting and Tax teams offer a unique macro overlay to our fundamental research.
  • The Ability to Leverage Market Thematics Into Investable Ideas. Our macro research extends beyond fundamental economic performance, taking a deep look at developing market themes to help our clients with asset allocation. Our market strategies and equity strategy teams often leverage current macro themes into investable ideas.

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